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Information on Malaysia Sdn Bhd Listing 马来西亚有限公司上市信息


Bursa Malaysia offers a choice of three markets which are the Main Market, ACE Market and LEAP Market to companies seeking to list in Malaysia.

⻢来西亚交易所(Bursa Malaysia)为⻢来西亚上市的公司提供了三个市场选择,分别是主板市场(Main Market)、创业板市场(ACE Market)和LEAP市场。


Main Market(主板市场)

Main Market is a prime market for established companies that have met the standards in terms of quality, size, and operations, catering to larger and more established companies with significant market capitalization and operating history.

主板市场(Main Market)是为已经达到⼀定标准的成熟公司提供的主要市场,这些公司在质量、规模和运营⽅⾯都有着出⾊的表现。主板市场⾯向市值较⼤、历史悠久的⼤型公司。


ACE Market (Access, Certainty, Efficiency Market) (创业板市场)

  • Sponsor-driven market designed for companies with growth prospects. Sponsors must assess the suitability of the potential issuers, taking into consideration attributes such as business prospects, corporate conduct, and adequacy of internal control.
  • A secondary market segment of Bursa Malaysia designed for smaller and growing companies, including startups and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).
  • Listing requirements are less stringent compared to the Main Market.


  • 创业板市场(ACE Market)是专为具有成⻓前景的公司设计的。赞助⼈必须评估潜在发⾏⼈的适合性,考虑因素包括业务前景、企业⾏为和内部控制的充分性。
  • LEAP市场是⻢来西亚交易所的⼀个次级市场,专为⼩型和成⻓型公司设计,包括初创企业和中⼩型企业(SMEs)。
  • 与主板市场相⽐,上市要求较为宽松。


LEAP Market (Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform)

LEAP Market is an adviser-driven market that aims to provide emerging companies, including small- and medium-sized enterprises with greater fundraising access and visibility via the capital market. It is accessible only to sophisticated investors (as prescribed under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007).



ACE Market v/s LEAP Market

ACE Market: The ACE Market caters to smaller and growing companies that may not meet all the stringent criteria for listing on the Main Market but still want access to public capital.

LEAP Market: The LEAP Market is specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with high growth potential. It aims to provide a platform for these companies to raise capital and enhance their visibility, particularly companies in the early stages of development.

创业板市场(ACE Market)专为规模较⼩且成⻓中的公司设计,这些公司可能未能符合主板市场上市的所有严格标准,但仍希望获得公共资本的准⼊。




Compiled by: Ngu Ley Hau

Supervised by: George Ngui