Criminal Complaint Against Swissmedic

On March 28, 2024, a criminal complaint titled “Criminal complaint 2.0” has been issued on behalf of six individuals directly affected by mRNA vaccinations, along with others, against the Swiss regulatory authority Swissmedic and vaccinating physicians. This complaint, filed on February 7, 2024, is an updated version of a previous complaint lodged on July 14, 2022, reflecting new factual and legal developments. It asserts that since the initial filing, evidence supporting the allegations has been reinforced and exacerbated. Despite this, Swissmedic has allegedly continued its actions without corrective measures from the Swiss judiciary or Parliament.


The new complaint, referred to as version 2.0, incorporates updated evidence and legal arguments, including:

      1. Lack of discernible threat to public health from SARS-CoV-2.
      2. Ignoring established alternative prevention and treatment methods.
      3. Specific risks posed by mRNA-based injections, especially for children and adolescents.
      4. Experimental nature of mRNA-based preparations.
      5. Absence of proven benefit/risk ratio for mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccinations.
      6. Alleged misleading information dissemination by Swissmedic.


The motivation for publishing this updated complaint stems from the completion of investigations, indicating that the risk posed by mRNA substances exceeds that of SARS-CoV-2, and authorities allegedly perpetuate this risk. Consequently, the complainants feel compelled to make this information publicly accessible to safeguard against high-risk mRNA-based medicinal products and deceptive information.


The complaint and associated evidence are available on the website Any inquiries regarding the complaint’s content are directed to its summary, which provides essential details. Additionally, reference is made to a media conference held on November 14, 2022, for further information. It is emphasized that the presumption of innocence applies to all parties involved. The publication has been made following consultation with the relevant public prosecutor’s office, which has not objected to this action.


Compiled by: Vincci Ng

Supervised by: George Ngui


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