Construction Law 施工法

Construction Law 施工法


Construction law encompasses the legal framework regulating activities within the construction sector, spanning building construction, engineering, housing, and urban planning. This specialized field integrates principles from contract law, commercial law, planning regulations, employment law, and tort law.




Introduction (简介)

CIPAA stands for the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012, which came into effect on April 15, 2014, in Malaysia. Compared to traditional dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or court litigation, CIPAA’s statutory adjudication process is typically more expeditious. This is because arbitration or court litigation often involves addressing all disputes between the parties, including non-payment-related disputes. The aim of CIPAA is to ensure that both the debtor and the creditor can effectively and promptly resolve payment disputes.

CIPAA 是《2012年马来西亚建筑行业付款与审裁法令》(Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012)的缩写。该法于2014年4月15日正式生效。与传统的争议解决方式相比,如仲裁或法院诉讼,CIPAA法定的审裁通常更为迅速。因为仲裁或法院诉讼需要处理双方的全部争议,包括非付款性的争议等。CIPAA的目标是确保欠款方和债权方能够有效、快速地解决付款纠纷。


CIPAA Adjudication Process Timeline (CIPAA 法定的审裁流程)

  1. Payment Claim 付款申请书
  2. Payment Response 付款答复

    Non-Paying Party has 10 working days to serve its Payment Response on Unpaid Party 欠款着需在10天工作日内答复被欠款着

  3. Notice of Adjudication 审裁通知书

    Unpaid Party can issue Notice of Adjudication upon receipt of Payment Response 欠款着在收到付款答复后可以发出审裁通知书

  4. Notice to Register Adjudication Matter with AIAC 亚洲国际仲裁中心(AIAC)办理审裁登记通知

    Within 7 days after service of Notice of Adjudication 与发出审裁通知后七日内

  5. Notice to Request Director of AIAC to Appoint Adjudicator 请求AIAC主任委任审裁员通知

    Upon expiry of 10 working days from service of Notice of Adjudication 审裁通知书送达后10天工作日届满

  6. Notice of Acceptance of Appointment of Adjudicator (Form 6) 审裁员委任书(Form 6)

    Adjudicator to serve his/her Form 6 within 10 working days from receipt of notification of appointment of AIAC 审判员在收到AIAC委任通知后10天工作日内送达审裁员委任书(Form 6)

  7. Payment of Advance Security Deposit 预付保证金款项
  8. Adjudication Claim 审裁申请书

    To be served by Unpaid Party within 10 working days from receipt of Form 6 被欠款着在收到 Form 6 之日起10天工作日内送达

  9. Adjudication Response 审裁答辩书

    To be served by Non-Paying Party within 10 working days from receipt  of Adjudication Claim 欠款者在收到审裁申请书之日起10天工作日内送达

  10. Adjudication Reply 审裁答复书

    To be served by Unpaid Party within 5 working days from receipt of Adjudication Response 被欠款者在收到审裁答辩书之日起5天工作日内送达

  11. Adjudication Decision 审裁判决书

    45 working days from the service of Adjudication Response or Reply – whichever is later 在送达审裁答辩书或审裁答复后的45天工作日内,以较晚者为准



Compiled by: Ngu Ley Hau

Supervised by: George Ngui



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